" Achieve agility,visibility,alignment and Collaboration "

Powerful, flexible enterprise agile planning SaaS solution.

Enables strategy planning , manages portfolio budgets,

labour financials ,resource management to deliver outcomes.

Labour Financial Management

Manage,track,forecast labour financials and optimise cost

The Labour Financial Management solution effectively manage the financials of labour and optimise costs for maximum value. The solution creates accurate labour cost tracking and forecasting as work continuously evolves. Transition from funding demand to funding capacity to embrace better allocations of funds.

Salient Features

* Automating work allocations, automatically generating accurate labor forecasts.

* Funding and Forecasting based value streams performance to align with strategic priorities.

* Labor tracking based on estimation , and monitoring through KPI integration.

* Configuration of metrics by PI, monthly, or quarterly, maintaining KPI alignment for funding adjustments.


Strategic Planning

Link work, labor, and investments to business strategy

Strategic planning and objectives and key results (OKRs) enable business agility through a process that helps organizations capture and communicate strategy in an actionable, transparent way.

Salient Features

* Establish, track, and manage progress toward strategic objectives.

* Link work items to strategic objective,fostering alignment between OKRs and daily work.

* Increase transparency with enterprise alignment by connecting all levels to strategy.

* Align investments with goals to confidently make future investment decisions.

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Portfolio Budgeting

Shift from project to product funding

Portfolio Budgeting strengthens collaboration among finance, portfolio managers, and product teams in a single tool, eliminating the need for data integrations or manual processes.

Salient Features

* Deliver a single source of truth for distributed decision making across the business.

* Unlock agility at every level of the business with support for dynamic work and resource management.

* Expansion of Agile programs, and portfolio management capabilities.

* Continuously align work, products, and portfolios to the business strategy.


Resource Management

Reduce risk by dynamically managing resources, capacity, and demand

Effective resource management and capacity planning increases value delivery through end-to-end visibility of capacity and resources, maximized resource efficiency, minimized risk of oversubscribing resources, and improved planning and forecasting for long-term organizational value.

Salient Features

* Help identify over-allocated or underutilized resources in a visual/graphical manner.

* Connect resource cost and utilization financials with automatic cost forecasting.

* Manage dashboards that allow optimization of incoming demands against capacity.

* Monitor the impact of changes in real-time with multiple views of reports.