Mergers and Acquisition : ERP SAP Implementation

Abhi Chaturvedi

American multinational pharmaceutical company specializing in a variety of preclinical and clinical laboratory, gene therapy and cell therapy services was facing inefficiencies and fragmented processes in their O2C cycle.

The company sought to implement SAP to integrate their sales, order management, inventory, and billing functions, while enhancing customer experience and improving financial control.

The Corporation had multiple sales channels, diverse product lines, and complex pricing structures. Aligning these processes and ensuring standardization across the organization posed a significant challenge.

The solution

The implementation team had to analyse existing processes, map out interdependencies, and redefine workflows to achieve process efficiency and consistency.

Integrating data from disparate systems and establishing a robust master data management strategy was critical for a successful O2C implementation. the challenge of cleansing and consolidating customer, product, and pricing data from various sources were crucial. Data mapping, data transformation, and data quality management were key aspects that required careful planning and execution.


The implementation of SAP for O2C yielded several significant benefits:

Streamlined and standardized O2C processes, reducing lead times and improving process efficiency.

Improved accuracy and consistency of customer data, leading to enhanced customer service and satisfaction.

Real-time visibility into inventory availability and order status, enabling proactive decision-making and improved order fulfillment.

Enhanced financial control with accurate billing and revenue recognition, reducing revenue leakage and improving cash flow management.

Increased employee productivity through automated processes, reducing manual efforts and errors.