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In an era where the pace of business transformation is unrelenting, CIOs are finding that the traditional IT operating model no longer suffices. Gone are the days of solely relying on on-premise infrastructure and waterfall-oriented delivery, where the demonstration of business value is tethered to spreadsheets. The future demands agility, insight, and strategic foresight.

Apptio's revolutionary SaaS solutions are designed to propel organisations into the future, enabling smart decision-making across planning, analysis, optimisation, control, and collaboration on investments that are pivotal for transformation.

Why Apptio?

Insight-Driven Decisions : Leverage machine learning to ingest, aggregate, and normalise data, providing a granular view of IT spending and investment returns.

Standardised Cost Model : Apptio maps your data to a technology cost model, offering unparalleled clarity and control over your investments.

Accelerated Transformation : Armed with Apptio's insights, our customers have redefined the pace and impact of their IT operating model transformations.

Discover the Solution:

Targetprocess offers a holistic approach to Agile delivery, bridging the gap between strategy and execution. With our intuitive platform, you can:

Gain Full Visibility: Monitor work progress, resource assignments, and budgets in real-time.

Drive Alignment: Align all teams with a single source of truth, ensuring everyone is working towards common goals.

Enhance Agility: Adapt swiftly to market changes, empowering your organisation to stay ahead of the curve.

With Apptio, digital transformation isn't just an initiative—it's a driver of enhanced revenue margins and superior customer experiences.

Ready to redefine your IT financial management and operations? Speak to scalenow—your trusted partner in navigating the journey towards insightful and effective FinOps. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your IT investments with Apptio.

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