scalenow and Apptio, an IBM Company, Unite to Drive Agile Transformation Excellence

Sydney, Australia -16th Dec 2023

scalenow, a provider of Transformation consulting services joins forces with Apptio, An IBM Company, a global leader in technology business management to Drive Agile Transformation Excellence and to Align Technology Investments to Business Outcomes

This collaboration brings together scalenow's expertise in Agile Transformation Consulting, Enterprise Transformation Planning with Apptio's cutting-edge solutions to remove blind spots and enable end-to-end visibility into work, resource assignments, and budgets using Targetprocess.

Targetprocess is a powerful, flexible enterprise Agile planning SaaS solution that powers the ability to scale at the speed of business. It connects strategy to execution holistically to deliver outcomes, value, and across-the-board improvements.

The partnership will specifically focus on optimizing targetprocess, empowering organizations to achieve greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and strategic alignment. By integrating Apptio's innovative technology with our consultancy's proven approach, we aim to deliver unparalleled value to our clients in navigating the complexities of targetprocess.

Key Benefits for Clients:

• Improved cost transparency and control

• Streamlined processes for enhanced productivity.

• Real-time insights for informed decision-making


Abhi Chaturvedi, the visionary Principal Consultant and Founder of scalenow, is at the forefront of the strategic collaboration with Apptio.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Apptio to elevate our capabilities in targetprocess. This collaboration marks a significant step in our commitment to providing clients with best-in-class solutions that drive measurable business outcomes."

As a Senior Associate and Principal Consultant at scalenow, Greg Searle brings a wealth of experience and strategic insight to the collaboration with Apptio.

"We are excited about the prospect of partnering with Apptio. Their reputation for Aligning Technology investments to business outcomes aligns seamlessly to our commitment to deliver value. Together, we can achieve great things for our clients and the industry."

As the Global Alliances Manager at Apptio, Nick Horstman, a seasoned professional with a passion for addressing the dynamic challenges faced by organisations responded to the groundbreaking partnership with scalenow:

"Apptio is excited to partner with scalenow to address the unique challenges of lack of visibility, alignment and agility. Together, we aim to empower organizations with the tools and insights needed to optimize their operations and achieve strategic objectives."

In her role as Channel and Alliances Lead for the Asia-Pacific region. Marie shares her insights.

“At scalenow, we see immense value in the synergies between our organizations. Partnering with scalenow represents an exciting opportunity to combine our strengths and push the boundaries of innovation in Transformation Consulting."

About scalenow:

Boutique part time consultancy - Consortium of like-minded professionals, leveraging each other’s competencies and capabilities.

• Accelerate and thrive in rapidly changing environments.

• Integrate distributed technology owners to maximize business decisions.

• Ensure ROI by data driven decision making.

• Deliver business, technology investment through data-driven solutions, cloud FinOps.

• Guide enterprise agile, digital transformation from adoption to maturity.

About Apptio:

Leading technology spend and value management company. Apptio’s mission is to deliver business value with every technology investment through data-driven solutions, services, and expertise across cloud FinOps, technology business management, and Agile and portfolio resource management.

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